Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What currency are your prices?

A: All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD). The exchange rate is pretty good for everyone else in the world.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: All payments are made through PayPal, which automatically handles currency conversions. No credit card details are stored on this site.

Q: So, for each advance track I purchase from a particular album, I’ll receive the same amount as a discount when the album is released?

A: Yes, in all good faith we will offer the discount on the album once it is completed and made available. That’s the whole idea behind the TuneLeak concept. However, for legal reasons, the actual transaction is limited to the purchase of the advance track. This is to cover everyone in the event that, for instance, a given artist never completes the album, or conversely the artist signs a deal with a record label which prevents TuneLeak from offering the album for sale.

Q: So it’s not the same as crowdfunding or pre-ordering?

A: We want to offer fans something for a small monetary outlay immediately, and often. This is different from collecting all the funds up-front and delivering the first and final product, say, six months later. We want to engage fans and encourage them to return to our site regularly as the artist releases advance tracks for download. We hope to create a community of fans and artists.

Q: Where will the finished album be available for sale?

A: We anticipate that completed albums will be made available for sale – and discounts honoured – through this website and/or via That is not to say the album won’t be available in other online or physical stores.

Q: In what formats will the album be released? (CD, vinyl, digital, 8-track, wax cylinder, …)

A: That will be up to the artist to decide. At a minimum we expect the album will be available for digital download. If physical copies are available, they will be accompanied by an immediate digital download.

Q: Can I see my purchase history?

A: We plan to implement a purchase history page once we offer more tracks for sale.



Q: Is TuneLeak a website or a record label?

A: Both.

Q: Is TuneLeak available for other artists?

A: We are currently operating in trial mode with a single pilot artist (Ben Craven). If the concept shows promise we plan to extend the service to include other artists.

Q: What sort of artist would be a good fit for TuneLeak?

A: TuneLeak is ideally suited to album-oriented artists who spend a significant period of time writing and recording, and are willing to release advance tracks regularly.

Q: What about genres?

A: We’re not too worried about particular genres. We want to draw attention to albums, which could mean anything from sprawling concept masterworks to a simple collection of songs.

Q: I’m a perfectionist and not comfortable releasing anything that isn’t finished. How can TuneLeak help me?

A: TuneLeak creates an environment where artists can release their music for sale with the understanding it is still unfinished. Artists have the opportunity to build a supportive audience and receive income while at the same time embracing their perfectionism, safe in the knowledge that finished versions of the same tracks can be released later.

Q: What’s in it for TuneLeak?

A: Once we expand our operations we expect to charge a small percentage of advance sales as commission.