Ben Craven: “Last Chance To Hear”

6 February 2016

TuneLeaks completed!

Well, the album is now completed, the artwork nailed, and we’re just about ready to ship everything off for manufacture.

Thank you everyone who came along for the TuneLeak journey! You will receive more information about ordering “Last Chance To Hear” from my Bandcamp page, if you are so inclined. TuneLeak downloads are now finished for this album.

This was a fun experiment! Based on your feedback and my own experience, I’ll definitely do something similar for the next album, with one or two changes.

– cheers, Ben.

27 June 2015

Last Chance To Hear Part 1

Unleashing… the opening track, appropriately titled, “Last Chance To Hear Part 1”. (Yes, there is a Part 2 and it will most likely close the album.) This is perhaps a little more over-the-top for me than usual – one part demented chat show theme and one part acerbic call to arms. Then everything goes to heck.

2 March 2015

Revenge Of Dr Komodo

Forbidden love between prog and rockabilly! The third part of a mini-suite featuring the villainous protagonist, Dr Komodo. (But the first part appearing on TuneLeak!)

23 December 2014

Spy In The Sky – Demos

Spy In The Sky is based, partly, on these demos I wrote and recorded in 1994 and early 1995.

I’ve put them up here for streaming (not for sale) only for curiosity’s sake.

Recording songs in many respects is not so much about songwriting, arrangement or production as much as it is about exorcism. This music has been floating around in my head for longer than it hasn’t. I can finally say I’ve given it a good home and a place to belong, and we can all move forward with our lives.

21 December 2014

Spy In The Sky Part 3

“The scourge of the city I spy in the sky…”

And so the centrepiece of the album (so far) begins. Or continues. Or concludes. Whatever. An 8-minute sonic immersion of dense production, whispered lyrics and dueling solos.

17 November 2014

Spy In The Sky Part 2

The transition between the dreamy introduction (Part 1) and the energetic finale (Part 3). This is precisely the sort of album track we had in mind when we created TuneLeak!

4 October 2014

Spy In The Sky Part 1

A dreamy, spacey instrumental. Part 1 of a 3-part suite.

28 August 2014

Critical Mass Part 2

This cinematic, driving instrumental sets the benchmark for the style of music on Craven’s new album.

The Album

Last Chance To Hear is the working title of the new album by cinematic-rock artist Ben Craven.

It’s also the pilot album for the TuneLeak website!

Once Last Chance To Hear is completed and available for purchase, TuneLeak customers will receive a discount equal to the total amount they spend on downloading the advance tracks.

About Ben Craven

Ben Craven
Ben Craven is a “cinematic progressive-rock singer-songwriter” from Brisbane, Australia. He likes to make records.

His most recent album, the critically acclaimed Great & Terrible Potions, is dense, complicated and unashamedly pretentious – everything a good prog rock album should be!